Frank Joshua “What Price a Smile”

Come float in deep house vibes filled with bright purple haze, compete with vocals that find their way right into your mind. Also, come and get lost in introspective thoughts, the observant, sad and pondering kind of thoughts that surround the theme of miscommunication. Those two lines are rather contrasting, but Frank Joshua’s new single is capable of doing both with eloquence.

Miscommunication and having your thoughts hidden behind those imposed on you by the other, are a pain. When you realise the other side doesn’t seem to actually get you no matter how hard you try, at some point you do start to wonder… “What exactly is the point?” And what price that smile?”

Frank’s new single asks one of those questions in its title – “What Price a Smile“. The song introduces a damp atmospheric sound filled with a deep sense of sorrow. Between the flooding synth chords that build up the song’s distinct house-y sound, one can detect the despair coming from not being understood right, the immediacy of wanting to fix this, as well as the sulking emotion that seems to have let go of trying to fix things, instead reluctantly accepting the role of being misunderstood. Same feelings are echoed in the lyrics sung by Frank’s vocals blending quite beautifully with the atmosphere.

“The track started as a ballad then got worked up by the band I was working at the time, then got turned into this house style anthem by producer Tony White. So, it’s been in a journey. A bit like it’s composer!”

Frank Joshua

“What Price a Smile” is the 19th release coming from this London-based artist in the last 2 years. Among the previous releases is a haunting song full of early morning blue, titled “Loneliest Place in the World“, which also introduced Frank to the blog’s readers.

The new single is out now. It’s also the last single to drop before something very big will arrive, and that is Frank Joshua’s new full-length release.


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