Frank Joshua “Loneliest Place In the World (Tim Angrave Solitary Version)”

Now that’s a long title! But behind that is also a eternal story of solitude and the mental state it comes with. Don’t hesitate and come stay around to get immersed in the haunting and beautiful song of darkness and the glimmer of hope radiating through it!

The original of this song came to Frank Joshua as he stood on a desolate train platform very early in the morning. Feeling very low himself, the artist pondered about life and what it had planned for him. Soon enough, the hints of oncoming train broke through the dark feelings like hope for better things coming in his future. The song came to be as a moody piano-driven ethereal song so spacious one could move in there. And then, producer Tim Angrave came along.

The chillout mastermind removed most of what had solid contours from the song and replaced them with sounds that flow, drone, swell and fade behind Frank’s vocals. Now almost completely alone, only accompanied by Tony White’s emotive piano chords, “Loneliest Place In The World” is humid, very early and chilly, and surrounded by the sort of pristine state that makes you question your own existence. It’s being outside on the move before anyone else is awake, and the stillness it comes with is staggering, particularly hitting when you’re in a low mood yourself.

Frank Joshua has been releasing a string of beautiful remixes, including “Cry Blue (Azido 88 Remix)” and “Five Minutes” remixed by none other than Jon Kennedy. All of those songs originate from Joshua’s own full-length called “Sense Life”, given another layer of meaning by a variety of producers.

Tim Angrave’s Solitary Version of

“Loneliest Place In The World”


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