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These days I think a healthy dose of indie-pop just what the doctor ordered. Ask your doctor today if indie-pop is right for you. It has a beautiful way of being so pleasingly melodic to the ears, make you want to dance, and when done correctly, heal like chicken soup for the soul. A great example of that is today’s artist Long Island and their powerful new single coming out December 16th, 2022. The single is called, “Average,” and is the third in a string of releases since August. All of which released in support of their debut album that will be dropping in January 2023 entitled, “Infatuation’s a Nightmare.” The first two singles “Blissful Satisfaction” and “Broken” have been well received and paved the way for the album coming up to be a highly anticipated one. Listening to the first two, it’s interesting to note the variation in sound and pique the curiosity about where the band will take it next. With “Blissful Satisfaction” you had an upbeat danceable backbeat, it was club friendly and radio friendly. “Broken” came along and introduced a more of a ballad-like vibe, vulnerable, with synth-wave sensibilities. Both have achieved critical acclaim from outlets like BBC and Amazing Radio.

With “Average,” the implication is a bit of a curveball in title alone. It very much not average. I think this single will certainly heighten and build upon the anticipation for the album even more. Right off the bat, singer Rhiannon Stephenson comes right out the gate with “You. You always talk shit. You’re so manipulative,” as a driving bass and fast paced “boom-bap” type of drumbeat pull you right into the song within the first few seconds. Absent of what is an 80s “wave” kind of influence, it could sound like a straight up punk song right off the bat if you were to strip it down. The song carries an edgy pop-punk aesthetic with it. As with any of their music, regardless of aesthetic, Stephenson delivers a heartfelt and powerful vocal performance. If I’m being candid, it’s my favorite of the three. With its high energy and anthemic “aggro” chorus, it’s not a wonder at all that it has become a recent fan favorite at their shows.

While Stephenson is described as the “mastermind” of the project at lead vocals, the Huddersfield based band fully comprised is:

Cameron Conner (guitarist/vocalist)

Paddy Spence (bassist)

Jan van Beem (drummer)

Rhiannon Stephenson (Vocalist)

I recommend this band for fans of similar taste to Paramore (especially if you are into what they are doing these days), The Veronicas, and My Chemical Romance.

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