Andy Arno “Misery”

When the Internet became accessible, we all dived into it to fill sites with our opinions, photos, videos, and other content. Now, there is an unimaginable quantity of data out there and there is no telling what is being done with it all. The rise of AI which uses data of various kinds for training is one of the new concerns with unforeseeable effects in near future. Those are the warning tones in the new single by Andy Arno, who asks us to look at what we don’t really want to look at.

Released just recently, the single titled “Misery” gives an insightful look into the troubles and dangers waiting for us in the future, and our reluctance to even acknowledge they’re there. Besides the sobering message embedded in the well-written lyrics, this alternative rock song comes full of catchy hooks and shines with its sweet mellow tone. The chorus especially pulls in to sing along. Basically, “Misery” comes to grab your hand and help you see all that needs to be looked at.

This song also comes with a music video showing her performing with the band. Starting with a quote by Alan Moore, the video clip illustrates what’s said by the lyrics by using various photos one could find on the internet, as well as the singer’s body language. Watch the clip below!

The Spanish singer-songwriter and composer Andy Arno, born Andrea Arno Jubert in Barcelona, brings a fresh indie rock sound and lyrics infused with humor and a hint of irony. There’s an unbeatable amount of honesty in tackling themes rising from society, one of the many things inspiring her. With musical influences running across many different genres, Andy Arno creates splendid, captivating, thought-inspiring, and catchy music that invites you to move your body (as well as your brain) and sing along.

“As a songwriter, I have always been conscious and careful of the importance and power of the message of a song. It is the main basis for me. So I try to hit to the soul dreaming of a better world and criticizing the modern society we live in without forgetting to keep a catchy, pop structure that people want to sing to. I would say my lyrics are subtle, romantic punk poems to transform society.” If you listen to me, I will awaken your conscience for global social change while you sing along to my catchy tunes.”

Andy Arno

Misery is out now on your favorite platforms!

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