Karma Brigade – “Waiting Man // Look Up”

This is a double-single release by an up-and-coming Icelandic band that really stimulates our senses and delivers crisp and warm-sounding melodies. “Waiting Man” and “Look Up” are two amazing musical pieces that seem to be taken out of The Lion King movie. Pure greatness.

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have an amazing double release that is as magical as Christmas. But for real, these two tracks, although different from each other, both carry a freeing sensation and a feeling of wonder that isn’t very typical to find in today’s music. These tracks are a must-hear!

Karma Brigade is a band from the faraway lands of Reykjavic (at least from where I’m from). They’ve already released an album and a couple of singles that succeeded at turning heads both in their home and internationally. Now, the Icelandic group is getting ready to release their new 12-track album, this release being the second and third songs in it, we´d previously here for you the lead single for this upcoming album, “Alive” which is part of our Top 100 Songs 2022.

“Waiting Man” is a track with tender vocals over a chilled atmosphere. A laid-back beat delivers a subtle groove under exciting melodies, as they float over a round synth bass. Jumpy percussions, synth-wave influences, and a really magical finale make this track a truly appealing first taste for any new listener.

“WAITING MAN” is about daring to give yourself the time to do what you want to and holding onto that dream even though it may seem far away at the moment. To trust the journey and release all worries when you are at a good place. To have that momentum to not take your eyes off the prize.” – Karma Brigade

“Look Up” is a magnificent track covered with a huge wall of vocals under heavenly atmospheres. A 70’s Rock energy delivered with an amazing mix of more organic sounds like crispy drums and majestic choruses of celestial and epic proportions. A tribute for anyone who doesn’t dare, created in an effort to inspire them to take the leap and pursue their dreams. Truly outstanding.

“It’s important to dare, go for it and make mistakes to grow” – Karma Brigade.

Without a doubt, a wonderful two-piece by these guys, so go ahead and hit that play button now!

¡Out now!

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