Koalra – “Center Of The World”

This is a very nostalgic and soothing track that mixes elements of Post-Rock, Noise-Rock, and Indie Rock. “Center of The World” is a carefully crafted sonic experience that wraps us with its fuzzy textures and relaxed atmosphere.


What’s going on, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back! It’s me, your boy MadZen, and today we have a really good new single that elevates us to new grounds and transports us back to the good times. Brought to us by this up-and-coming Portland-based Rock outfit, this single is already giving a lot to speak of. So, let’s get to it!

Koalra is a 90’s influenced four-piece known for blending the fuzz-rock textures of bands like Dinosaur Jr., with the experimental aspects of bands like The Cure and Sonic Youth. Having already released their debut album, as well as a handful of EP’s and singles, Koalra is preparing to release “Nihilism and Analog Tape”, their 6th full-length album which will be a collection of odds, ends, and extras.

“Center Of The World” is the album’s lead single, and it presents very pleasurable textures and elements from a wide variety of musical influences. Energetic and melancholic, the track takes us on a ride to the past in an unforgiving present. A ticket to a universe where chaos and negativity are no more. We are in fact delivered straight to the center of ourselves, and of it all.

A truly mesmerizing soundtrack to which we can return on the heaviest of our days. A haven of music for us to lay our heads down, and recharge. Now we can’t wait for the full album to drop! Which will do so on Dec 28th with a pre-order at koalra.Bandcamp.com and GiganticNoise.com. So, listen now!

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