Spirit Gun – “The Antonym”

This is a great-sounding EP that hits quickly and to the point with a rampage of explosive guitars, wonderfully aggressive drumming, and a gritty bass that holds everything together. “The Antonym” is a USA work of art that reminisces the Rock and Roll spirit of 90’s bands like Janes Addiction.

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen? Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have a great, great EP with lots and lots of Rock N’ Roll vibes. Anthemic, nostalgic, humane, and raw, this EP brings back great memories to any ’80s/90’s kid. Brought to us by the American trio, Spirit Gun, “The Antonym” is one of the best musical wrap-ups of 2022. Let’s get it!

Spirit Gun was created by Pete Overstreet and Oren Lev. They both known each other since the 90s but didn’t start playing together till 2018. Surviving the dark times of the pandemic, and of their previous bassist leaving the band, these two were lucky enough to find bass player Tony Burgess, and they’ve been hitting the road from there on.

“The Antonym” is a mixture between Punk, Rock, and just a tad of psychedelia. 4 tracks about their city, life, loss, and looking back. It begins with a quick punch to the nuts, for the first half at least, with greatly energetic tracks “9:30” and the single “The Antonym”. After that, it slowly begins to come down into an almost mellow vibe of atmospheric, gritty Rock sound with slight touches of dreamy post-rock. Of course, all of this maintains their huge, natural sound recorded at their own, self-built studio.

The EP is an homage to their late friend Jeff Hewitt, who sadly left this world too soon. “He was a true artist who constantly pushed himself. Jeff was a champion of our city, music, community, arts, and us. We miss him and wrote The Antonym to honor him.”, Spirit Gun explains.

The last tracks, “No reverse” and “Shorty Red”, are both melancholic tracks with an inbuilt sadness that’s both beautiful and passionate. It feels like a force pulling us towards the music, and hugging us with its high-gained, long riffs and deeply punching bass and drums. Vocals are fierce, humane, and powerful. A brave scream, and a last hurray for what once was and to which we can no longer return… So:

We recorded ourselves at our own studio, The I3. It took us many years to get the room sounding right and getting the right equipment to translate the way everything should sound. Once we recorded it, we sent it to the Audio Wizard, Chris Kendrick at Whiskey Bear studios to get it polished and ready to be consumed.” – Spirit Gun

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