Genevieve Sovereign’s beautiful new single “Life Soaked Reveal”

Life comes full of fleeting moments that are over before you even know it, but what remains in the memory as some of the highlights of past times? Genevieve Sovereign lends her soaring vocals to those moments in her newest single called “Life Soaked Reveal”, a song released in memory of her good friend, composer Luke Paulding.


The vibrant Australian artist Genevieve Sovereign and her friend Ben Tenison are back to bring forth more of their shimmering blend of electronica. The duo bridges introspective thoughtful lyrics carried by Genevieve’s dreamy vocals with the breezy smooth electronic sounds, exploring the often unspoken aspects of life. They debuted back in November with a song called “Vibration Angle“, which dived in to explore the deep soul-level connection and seek to see the world through the eyes of the other. But while that was the debut song, it was not the very first song born from Genevieve’s and Ben’s collaborative energy. That title belongs to this new single instead.

Glistening and gentle to no end, “Life Soaked Reveal” looks for beautiful memories like treasured moments lost in time. Filled with sparkling synths, the atmosphere is busy as if you’re diving into the sea full of colorful creatures that swim past as you’re searching for the pearls. Emotionally elevated and keenly eyeing everything that was beautiful, fun, awesome, and loving, the song keeps memories of good times and lovely people close to its heart.

The cover art for this single features artwork inspired by the sleeve art for a mix CD Genevieve had drawn for her late friend as, in her own words, “a small silly gift”.

“Life Soaked Reveal” is set to release on December 25th, the date on which Luke Paulding was born. Pre-save the song today to be the first to hear it on Christmas day! Also, stay tuned, as the artists already have a new song in line for early next year, which is determined to get you disco dancing.



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