Genevieve Sovereign feat. Ben Tenison’s Dreamy “Vibration Angle”

Genevieve Sovereign and Ben Tenison’s brand-new single “Vibration Angle. Walking around with the intent of exploring new locations, or simply strolling along the coastline with your friend or partner, sometimes you simply look at them and wonder what they’re seeing. What is visible from their angle and what do they give the most attention to? Those questions are part of this sort of soul-seeker state of mind, looking for answers from a different and quite intimate plane. Today’s duo of artists seek to do the same with their release.



The artists are Genevieve Sovereign and Ben Tenison, both based in Australia, just across the country from one another. Genevieve Sovereign is a singer-songwriter who found music for herself once again after so many years, learning how to sing and write music during lockdowns. She met Ben Tenison, a Brisbane-based producer-composer through some Zoom workshops run by Australian Songwriters Conference, and since then the duo have started working together making electronic music.

The first song coming out of the duo’s electronic explorations is a dreamy “Vibration Angle“, which seeks to connect with another person on a spiritual plane. The desires to learn what the other person sees are concentrated into poetic intimate lyrics sung as a duet. Driven by cosmic soundscapes and sparked with specks of house and trance, “Vibration Angle” is a tranquil single that doesn’t necessarily let any kind of superficial romance get in the way. Instead the pristine soundscapes explore deep emotional connections, looking to truly get to know the other person.

“I was instantly mesmerised, upon listening to Ben’s initial instrumental track concepts. They completely immersed me, right from the start, within these beautifully complex yet cleanly delivered EDM soundscapes. They took me somewhere else, into a world of dreamlike meaning and expression. From that point, I couldn’t resist the impulse to articulate what messages I heard, speaking through each individual piece.”

Genevieve Sovereign

There will be more electronic goodness coming from this powerful pair of artists soon.

“Vibration Angle” ¡is out!


Genevieve Sovereign "Vibration Angle" press photo

“The artwork and design of each release is also Sovereign’s. This ongoing series concept as photographs of Sovereign’s drawing works-in-progress from over the years expresses the underlying theme of meaning-within-meaning: That there are always deeper layers, new perspectives, and growing refinement of expression possible.”

Genevieve Sovereign

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  1. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions of the piece! I really love learning what people enjoy about the work I offer – it’s so great finding out how it connects with others. 🙂

    Genevieve Sovereign

    1. Hey, Genevieve, lovely to read your message, thank you so much for this lovely feedback, I’ll let my writer know your feelings about her work. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. All the best!!!

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