In Theaters Friday – “Punk Song”

This is not like any other Punk track you’ve heard before. “Punk Song” has a different approach to riff playing and a striking lyrical force within it. A fast-paced track with an in-your-face attitude.

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What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing year-end, and if you’re visiting our blog in these final 2022 days, I really appreciate you. Thanks a lot! Today we have a very interesting and unusual Punk track brought to us by this Las Vegas-based trio. Let’s get it!

Hailing from the neon bright lands of Las Vegas, Nevada, In Theaters Friday is an up-and-coming Punk band who have rapidly gained recognition thanks to their energy-filled shows, and for playing for well-established music venues in the heart of Las Vegas including (but not limited to): The Barbershop at the Cosmopolitan, Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel, the House of Blues, Backstage Bar and Billiards (where the band opened for The Unlikely Candidates), and many other local favorites.

After the successful release of their debut EP “Homemade Vaccine” in 2020, as well as a couple of singles released that same year, In Theaters Friday shared with us their first of two singles release of Dicember 2022 (“Fanboys” is the other one). “Punk Song” hits hard, quick, and to the point. It is what you’d expect from any Punk track, energy-wise, but indeed offers a couple of identifying elements that make this track unique.

Recorded throughout 2021 and 2022 in Las Vegas’ Skeleton Key Studios, produced by the band themselves and engineered by Bobby Ferrari, this is a track that delivers its message quickly and with aggression. Nasty guitar riffs, a heavy ass bass, and pin-point drums support the zestful and melodic vocals.

A nice addition to ITF’s musical catalog, and a very cool way to finish this 2022. So go ahead and listen now! That’s it from me guys, keep having an awesome way and, as always, see you at the next one.*

*Happy new year if I don’t see you till then!


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