AnnaBella “Liar, Liar”

A curious duo comes to introduce us to their rowdy sexy sound by dropping their newest single just before New Year arrives. This is a fiery anthem for the cheated women who seek to give their beloved liars their piece of mind.


The duo is called AnnaBella, combining the names of the vintage doll and lyrical mastermind Anna, and the musically executive side Bella, who does all the rest. Together, the duo creates fierce and quite angry rock music with firespitting lyrics unafraid to point out the inadequate equality between men and women. Illustrated by flaming hot outfits and the serious “you’re messing with the wrong girl” gait, AnnaBella brings out the usually dormant power embedded in what used to be called the softer sex. Their new single continues this empowering line.

Arriving to call out all the liars who cheat on their partners, “Liar, Liar” is a wrath-filled single reminding listener that cheating is never a good thing to do. Judging by when the song is set to release, “Liar, Liar” makes for a perfect basis for new years resolutions. The solid foundation of a relationship is honesty, so stop lying and using up your partner’s trust.

Snarling guitars, strong lyrics, and undying levels of energy give off a strong heat reminiscent of the gates of hell. Looking at the music video the song will be accompanied by, there indeed is a lot of fire. It’s basically a personal little hell for the cheater, but little doesn’t necessarily mean any less burning.


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