Peter Spacey – “Digital Owl (Warehouse Live Session)”

It’s time to get digital with this brand new Live Session released and performed by this Tel Aviv-based artist. “Digital Owl” is funky, jazzy, creamy, and electronic.

¡Out Now!

Video directed by Meital Ner

What’s up my dear fellow readers? It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have a super fun and cool (not-that-new) single by this amazing Israelite producer. A track to make you feel good and forget about your sorrows, and yet another great closing track for this 2022. Capturing the essence of electronica and mixing it with organic/analog sounds, this track refreshes our ears and excites us with its vibrant melodies. Let’s get to it!

Peter Spacey is all about spacey beats and trippy visuals. A well-cemented artist who has gained recognition for his talented approach to art, both musical and visual. He loves aesthetics, and he provides his viewers with clean and interesting palettes of colors and space. He has performed and DJ’d alongside major artists such as – Mad Zach, Anomalie, Masego, and more.

“Digital Owl” is a single which was released back in 2021 under Spacey’s EP ‘Carousel’. It wasn’t until today that the Live Session was released, and it is real, real pretty. With a couple of funk/jazz chords (Spacey being after all a well-trained jazz keyboardist), the track opens up in a smooth succession of stabs and silences. A hip-hop beat enters with no refrain, and quirky electronic elements, mood swings, and twists adorn the producer’s beat.

Far from a conventional structure or form, the single open up, leaving room for space and unique ambiences. Truly a very interesting track accompanied by a well-thought session, carefully arranging every last detail. My favorite is the tiny tiger! No stranger to clubs and festivals, Spacey also has a lot of experience working with the film industry, as well as galleries and exhibitions. A true well-round artist who is currently working on his first album “Nebula”, which will feature various artists, vocalists, and rappers. So,


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