Lethia’s Natorium – “Inner Child (Vinny’s Version)”

Lethia’s Natorium is the musical project of British-based singer-songwriter Pena Hughes-John, the creative outlet in which she unleashes an amazing rock-based post-punk sound. Her debut album as Letha’s Natorium is the amazing Tenant, which came out last October, featuring influences from Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush, No Doubt, and Poly Styrene. Needless to say, this girl is remarkably talented in blending all of this together in a seamless and cohesive album like no other.

Although she is already working on a follow-up, in the meantime Pena plans to release an EP of remixes and alternative versions of previous songs and the first one we got is “Inner Child (Vinny’s Version)”. Vinny is an Australian musician and producer who took the vocal lines and reworked the song completely, making it his own and showing us exactly how powerful Pena’s voice can sound.

“Inner Child (Vinny’s Version)” is the most interesting experiment, taking the song out of its original post-punk context and rearranging it in a challenging, softer way. One of the stronger cuts from her debut, this version has a more laid-back feel to it, replacing the aggressive guitar work for a subtler one, more in the likes of The Smiths than The Banshees. And it works so damn well. The production on this thing is gorgeous, with intricate elements combined in a crescendo that sounds bold and dynamic, with Pena’s slowed-down vocals along with the newfound instrumentation highlighting how versatile her voice can be. Vinny’s Version of the song sounds like something we could’ve heard on the debut of Santigold, it has a fresh sound to it at the same time that it feels nostalgic and old-school. It’s an all-around amazing rework!

“I do sincerely hope that you enjoy the first of these remixes and alternative versions in the previously released songs from the debut album.” Lethia’s Natorium

The songs on Tenant were already rock solid in their quality and production, but this new version is good enough to stand on its own. And interesting enough to keep us on our toes regarding the rest of the reworks that are in the way. I find myself currently eager to listen to the rest of these alternative versions as much as proper new music from Pena, and very very few remixes can do that. It’s absolutely a remarkable achievement.

“Inner Child

(Vinny’s Version)” IS


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