Harlow’s Monkeys – “You Don’t Have To Change If You Don’t Want To”

This single is an anthemic Rock song with a very clear message. With the New Year’s resolutions made, “You Don’t Have To Change…” tells us that it’s ok if we decide to not make any drastic or dramatic change to make our lives better.


What’s going on, ladies and gentlemen! It’s me, your boy MadZen, and today we will get ready for the drop of a very cool single that shakes off expectations and reminds us of our freedom to choose. With a new year right just landed, this single arrives once our resolutions are fresh and a new chapter begins! Let’s get to it!

This cheeky song hopes to inspire change through letting people know that they don’t have to change their ways if they don’t want to, but that puts the responsibility of improving one’s circumstances entirely in their hands.

Harlow’s Monkeys is an indie rock band from San Francisco, fronted by songwriter/producer Tommy P. They are best known for their decisive lyricism, harmonies, humor, and dynamic arrangements. Following their previous release Pleasure, Harlow’s Monkeys now return with a self-produced track, recorded amongst friends.

“You Don’t Have To Change…” is a song meant to battle anxiety and help us move forward. With only two chords throughout the song, it still manages to spark a light of emotion with a huge wall of sound and catchy melodies. Being part of their upcoming EP “When The World For Humans End”, this track presents a warm energy that covers us with loving care and a tender touch.

Building progressively, the track goes from lowest to highest in an accelerated climb where the sound grows bigger and bigger, until the final chorus hits, leaving us with a rush of blood and a pumping heart. Inspiring and provocative, Harlow’s Monkey’s track delivers a bright tune that lingers in our ears and freshens our perspectives.


The single is part of an upcoming release entitled “When The World For Humans End” which was inspired by living through 2020 and the global pandemic. It had us really thinking about our transient existences on this earth and how if we don’t try to change the way we engage with the world and consumption of its resources, and how we treat each other, then perhaps extinction is the best effort.” – HM

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