Juliet Callahan’s Authenticity & Freedom in “Spotlight”

Los Angeles-based Juliet Callahan is a pop force of nature. On past releases, she’s already shown us her range, both in vocals and in sound. Juliet makes music that sounds like the view from a rooftop during a night out, blending the barriers between genres and juxtaposing her own version of pop with a lot of different elements. From the guitar-infused debut single “Numb” to her most recent and gorgeous new trap-influenced gem “Spotlight”, this girl has a lot going for her right now.

“Spotlight” marks the first time Juliet has done everything herself – from the lyrics and composition to the production and audio engineering, proving that she is an all-around Artist with capital A. Inspired by big names like Rihanna and Britney Spears, “Spotlight” is a perfect pop song that speaks about authenticity and freedom, about letting go of negative energy (and negative people).

On the production side of things, she kills it. Larger-than-life synths that somehow still sound grounded and down to Earth, a bass line that will stay with you for days, and a trap-style drum progression that feels like an old friend. And her layered vocals just shine through everything and really make the song feel alive. Everything is in just under two and a half minutes!

“I’m turning up in the high life, I’m burning up in the spotlight. You can’t stop me, I’m fucking top gun. Watch and learn”, she sings on the dynamic and ever-changing chorus, creating tension and release all at once. Ultimately, “Spotlight” is about confidence and owning yourself, and finding your own truth. It is absolutely the perfect theme for her first completely self-produced single, and everything just clicks beautifully.

On her newest single, Juliet made the rare pop track that doesn’t revolve around romantic feelings for anyone else. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having feelings for others, but she herself is the star here and she’s on a journey toward self-love and empowerment. And, spoiler alert: she’s succeeding.

¡”Spotlight” IS OUT NOW!

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