Bones in Butter’s “Scenes From the Metro”

Buckle up space cadets! Serbia based artist Bones in Butter is back with a new single dropping January 06, 2023 entitled, “Scenes From the Metro.” A spacey feeling tune, Pink-Floyd-adjacent I’d describe it, it does not invoke the feeling of your typical Metro Station. Which depending on your local station, might include a fair share of anxiety, boredom, and rage. Indeed no, this effort is a bit of a venture into some post-rock influence, the artist teases. A venture, per se, but not an entire hop, skip, and a jump away from their last single, the more angsty, shoegaze type of tune “Down But Not Out.” Bones in Butter is no stranger to the LT1KF family, they are charting in our #Top100Songs2022 and have been featured on the blog several times. For you Bandcampers, here’s the chance to preorder this trippy tune and support one of our favorite artists!


That “spacey” vibe I was referring can likely be explained with how Bones in Butter’s Milutin Krašević describes the true, but surreal story of the song:

It is a sad but true tale. It is the heart-breaking story of a centennial dream, the dream of the Belgrade Metro, a project that has never been implemented. Follow us into the empty depths of Belgrade, one of Europe’s last capitals with no underground network. … and weep with us – the song will arrive soon…

Guys, you realize I live in the U.S. right? I live a lack of overdue and decent infrastructure nightmare daily.

Although the project “Bones in Butter” have been releasing music since 2020, they are still a relatively “new” band per se, due delays caused by restrictions of the Pandemic and lineup changes that have taken place to what once started out as a solo project by Milutin Krašević. Everyone in the band today is an accomplished musician with lots of touring experience. Krašević even being a linguistic specialist at one time. That ought to come in handy on the road! The latest single’s credited as follows:

Milutin Krasevic – vox, synths, samples
Luna Skopelja – vox
Todor Zivkovic – guitars
Dejan Skopi Skopelja – bass
Tom Fedja Franklin – drums
Thomas Craymer – back vox

Srdjan Popov – mix & master

Music and lyrics by Milutin Krašević

With this latest single, not only does the band experiment with a Post-Rock aesthetic, but they also experimented with backwards tape in the mix. Definitely contributing to that psychedelic atmosphere. A sample of “Lili Marlen”by Lale Anderson was used and played backwards during the mix. A track that debuted on Belgrade radio in 1941 under German occupation, which also contributes to a dystopian feeling overall.

Check out Bones in Butter today! Their sound is unconventional in many ways, but they draw a lot of inspiration from Lou Reed, The Stranglers, and the Electric Light Orchestra. I would recommend this band for fans of any of those projects.

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