DCxPC Live Vol. 14 Presents Rise Defy

Exciting news as DCxPC Live has new release coming out January 6th! We at #LT1KF jump at the chance to cover all the releases they put out so you may be familiar, but if not, DCxPC is an independent record label that catalogs live music performances similar to and in homage to the legendary V.M.L Live Records in the 90s. They are releasing volume 14 of the series featuring performances by DC hardcore punk scene veterans Rise Defy at The Pie Shop DC on 06-04-2022. As always what makes these releases particularly special to me is the vinyl commemoration of the performance and the chance to win the corresponding V.M.L volume (14) via raffle! DCxPC is a great place for vinyl junkies with a punk rock palate to pick up some great music.

Order Volume 14 on Vinyl Here

Rise Defy are like a hardcore supergroup of sorts, comprising of current and former members of HR Band, Police & Thieves, the legendary Scream, as well as several other projects over the years. Their sound reminds me of old-school punk pioneers such as The Clash and the Buzzcocks, but with a hardcore ethos like MDC and The Circle Jerks. The band cites Stiff Little Fingers and Generation X as direct influences, as well as Soul and R&B in general. The formation of the band was reactionary to the social climate as of recent:

The band formed as a reaction to swelling neo-fascism that accompanied the rise of Trumpism in late 2016, with the goal of rehumanizing experience with hook-laden yet boundary blurring sounds.

DCxPC Live is switching up slightly with this vinyl by releasing a firsthand-cut lathe vinyl by way of Scott Eskew and Rats Ass Records. As with most DCxPC releases, this recording was mixed and mastered by Joshua Dobbs of Danger Room Recording Service. The original board mix at the venue was done by Melina Afzal. Cover credits go to “Pauly P” for the cover art and vinyl label design, and @Roxplosion, on Instagram, for the Back Cover Photos.

Rise Defy consists of:
Davis Tone on guitar and vocals
Vang Ghazi on bass and backing vocals
Enoch “Skeeter” Thompson on guitar and backing vocals
Pauly Peepers on drums (as well as artwork)

Davis reflects on the gig at The Pie Shop DC that day:

When Adrian of Domestic Terror Productions messaged asking if we could offer opening support for a weekend of shows to Joe
Wood of TSOL, playing as Change Today (my favorite TSOL album), we could hardly maintain our cool in accepting.
Imagine you could roll out of your house tomorrow evening and hop on a time-traveling skateboard to summer 1986, when you were a feral teenage skate-punk with more than an academic interest in a certain substance which makes the walls melt, the curtains writhe, and your mind expand beyond your wildest conception. That’s the scene in which I was immersed in TSOL’s “Change Today” album, and others like it; part of my first stack of 30 or so hardcore and punk albums; life altering stuff for
me, and the other RD guys are fans, too. So yes, Adrian, we’re uh, way more than happy to play! How does it get better than that? Well, my old buddy Scott of DCxPC Live, and Call in Dead, asked if I could send him a couple Rise Defy tracks from that night for a potential release, that’s how! With the amazing Mel Afzal at the board of our home turf venue, and Change Today in the house, I doubt it could get better for us!

Davis Tone, Rise Defy
@roXplosion #dcrocks #a99ii #PunkRockParkingLot #rXLS3

While I dig both tracks on the single, I tend to favor the A side “Shellshocked.” Lyrically it is about how traumatized kids bond with other kids in the punk scene, something I connected with instantly. Punk Rock music was an incredibly important type of music for me growing up at a pivotal age. At the end of the song Davis engages the crowd: “It’s about finding your tribe, which appears to be right here in front of us.”

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