The Margaret Hooligans – “Doggie Pizza Crust”

This single makes us hungry for pizza, but what would you do if you were starving and you had to fight a dog for the last pizza crust? In “Doggie Pizza Crust” The Margaret Hooligans talk about their experience in such a fatal event.


What’s up everybody, welcome back! It’s your dog, I mean, your boy MadZen and today we woke up to the notice that TMH are premiering a new track that you can pre-save now! A song about battle, heroism, and potential animal harm, but it is all good friends, this is plainly imaginary… or is it? Let’s get to it!

I’m pretty sure y’all have heard about The Margaret Hooligans by now, the eccentric electric ukulele and drums Rock and Roll duo created by Meg Cratty and Mr. Strontium. It was just a few months ago when I found myself reviewing their latest album “Turntable Tribulations“, and it seems to me that TMH just doesn’t stop, they are preparing their third album release already. Damn!

“Doggie Pizza Crust” is the first single off their upcoming album, Saturday Night at Bartertown, and it is a track that asks the age-old question – should one fight a beloved pet for the last pizza crust if you’re starving? Who would win? Well, in Mr. Strontium’s experience, it wouldn’t be an easy take, that’s for sure! The track is of a humorous approach, telling the story of a starving man recording at the studio, the only thing that could save him is one tiny slice of pizza, but things do not look promising…

Heavy ukulele riffs and in-your-face drumming are what we’ve come to love about these guys music, and this new track doesn’t fall short of any of those. So go ahead and give it a listen as we prepare to receive their brand new album which, by the way, will release in June.

“Doggie Pizza Crust” will be available on all streaming platforms, the band’s website, and Bandcamp on Friday, Jan. 6th, 2023. The band is planning to release 5 new singles from the album every 5 weeks from January through June, with the full album release in July 2023.

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