William Hut – Don’t Give Up

William Hut is a Grammy award-winning artist, based out of Bergen, Norway. Aside from his international notoriety in the band Rich Poor Ones, his solo work is highly regarded and yields over 6k monthly listeners on Spotify. Yet, William Hut humbly declares, “I’m nothing special, just an average soul among common people.” The messaging in his latest single, “Don’t Give up” is though, I would argue. As I sit here trying to recover from backlogs and deadlines whizzing by me from multiple places after being down without stable internet service for a week (thanks A LOT Centurylink) and as I sip my Theraflu, nursing a blistering fever that I caught from the kids via the revolving door of ‘Tripledemic‘ that is our public school system, your message is a special one to me. For whatever that is worth Mr. Hut. Indeed, this little number of encouragement was nice to take in, level set with, and mentally process as we march into the weekend. Hut’s blend of soothing synth and atmospheric melodies are sure to lower the blood pressure. It officially releases on January 6th to all streaming platforms, and I recommend that you give it a pre-save/bookmark in your library to keep in your back pocket for a rainy day.


Obviously, I took my own personal connection with the song and applied it when reviewing the track. And that’s the best part about music, isn’t it? It’s an expression of the writer/performer, self-interpreted by the listener. A language with auto-interpretation if you will. When William Hut was asked about what the song meant, he gave it this perspective:

Aging doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you wiser. “Don’t Give Up” is a song about living with mediocre self-esteem and everyday anxiety.

William Hut on “Don’t Give Up”

I would recommend this melancholic Indie Pop artist for anyone who is a fan of his other work with Poor Rich Ones, Real Ones, and DumDum Boys. Upon my first impressions when I heard it, I was picking up Phil Collins and Paul Simon vibes as well. I think if you are a fan of those contemporary artists, you would enjoy William Hut too.


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