Al Buchanan – “1998”

Simply put, this track is amazing. Lush vocal harmonies, a musical arrangement that feels like a new Radiohead track, and a groove that enchants are present in this wonderful new track.


Good morning, good evening or good night you beautiful people! It’s your 90’s kid, MadZen, and today we have a very, very special treat for you. A great new single that marvels with its amazing production and epic sound. Interesting, pulling, and all-around wholesome musical experience. Let’s get to it!

Al Buchanan is an artist from Middlesbrough, UK who has just released the first single of his upcoming album and it is an absolute promise of what’s next. I have to admit, I don’t really know much more about him but I do know that he’s an excellent musician and a brilliant producer.

1998” is an Alt-Rock track with a Bossa flavor that tells the story of Al moving from the South to the North of the UK as a kid. The experiences he had, the people he met, and what he did. Al mix electronic elements like synth leads and background pads. But the really predominant instruments are all analog. Electric guitars, a fatty grooving bass, and wonderful drums with a swing that bring lots of life to the track.

Buchanan loves to stack layers of vocals to create a huge, epic sound, one which is more noticeable in the final chorus. Also making use of special effects like delay and reverb, he achieves a wall of sound that encapsulates a massive atmosphere that delivers loads of excitement.

If this is Buchanan’s lead single, I can’t wait to listen to more. Without a doubt a solid start, and one that will definitely turn a few heads and win a few followers! So, due out on January 10th, 2023 on streaming services but is ready to go on Bandcamp.


You can definitely expect more of the same going forward, I am currently recording an album and have 3 songs finished so far, all in A similar vein! Al Buchanan

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