Bloodlin3 – “Where Did All My Homies Go”

Placing all their bets on nostalgia, the hip-hop collective Bloodlin3 just released their third single “Where Did All My Homies Go”. The three brothers from El Paso, TX/Paducah, KY show their softer side on this one. It’s a gorgeous track, with great production and instrumentation, and lyrical themes about how ephemeral life is and how quickly everything can end.

Significantly less aggressive than their previous singles, “Where Did All My Homies Go” sounds like a lost Gorillaz track that could be placed somewhere between Demon Days and Plastic Beach. The brothers drop names like Twista and Tecn N9ne as major influences and we can easily see it. “Where Did All My Homies Go” is bathed in late-80s/early 90s hip-hop and the repetition of the line ‘Take me back to the 1990s‘ showcases the nostalgia trip the boys intended from the beginning.

It is only their third single, but it comes to show how much range these guys can achieve; from their harsh Eminem-influenced debut “Execution Day” to “Panic Attack” with its Lil Wayne-like trap verses. And now “Where Did All My Homies Go”, with softer and almost dream pop-like elements to its production. Bloodlin3 are surely laying all their cards and proving that they know exactly what they’re going for, and that they know how to get there beautifully.

“Where Did All My Homies Go” IS OUT NOW!

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