Nieri – “In Our Eyes” (foreverandever<3 Remix)

Whoever said that dance music is only for crowded clubs was deeply mistaken. From Dua Lipa to The Weeknd, the best dance music works just as well, if not better, when you’re alone in your own home having a glass of wine and enjoying the beats by yourself. Well, if you’re an introvert at least. “In Our Eyes” was already a stand-out single from upcoming Milan-born Los Angeles-based EDM artist Nieri, released last May, and it captured the feeling of a song made for the clubs but also for your bedroom amazingly. The brilliant track got a makeover, a gorgeous remix from foreverandever<3 and now it sounds like something else entirely.

foreverandever<3 is the project from Joakim Buddee, who worked with Nieri on his debut EP, and he has transformed “In Our Eyes” into a House experience, with groovy basslines and cowbell percussions. And there’s a soft drop too! This remix took an already great song and completely reimagined it, making the LCD Soundsystem influences from the original even more present. And it sounds good.

The original was a lovely pop song that speaks about the time passing you by as you try to live your best life and have fun doing it, featuring great lyrics such as ‘Let’s stay here in this moment, together you and I/We’re only getting older, but youth is in our eyes‘. By taking the track away from its original soft pop context and making it House Music, the lyrical themes and message feel even more poignant. With the success of Beyoncé’s Renaissance and the mainstream interest in House Music, this remix couldn’t have found a better time to exist. It just proves that Joakim Buddee is an excellent producer who knows what’s happening in the musical sphere as a whole, and knows how to make a remix that feels just interesting and exciting without undermining the original.

We definitely should be on the lookout for further things coming from this otherworldly partnership between Nieri and Joakim.

“In Our Eyes (foreverandever<3 Remix)”


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