Azileli “In This House”

Sitting alone in the quiet house, the silence surrounds an aching heart. A relationship that began with high hopes had become difficult and troubling before it ended. But before the silence becomes too suffocating, the soft and gentle guitar melodies start filling the air along with Azileli’s tender vocals. This is “In This House”, Azileli’s new single.


Taking place in the period after a breakup, “In This House” is a ballad of a vulnerable soul searching for the beginning of a path to healing. Influenced by the timeless simplicity of folk, boundless sorrowful moods surround the melodies and the way Azileli describes the things that hurt her most. There’s also a non-verbal glimmer of hope, a search for a better tomorrow embedded deep within the single, that aims to say that even if the breakup really hurt, it’s in the end for the better.

Stripped-down folktronica is new territory for this UK-based singer, producer, and visual artist. Her reflective electronic music has so far bridged the rhythmic flow of RnB and trip-hop with near-ethereal electronic elements. The new single as well as many more releases yet to arrive this year, see Azileli branch out even further into different genres, exploring the sounds of breakbeat, nu-metal, and synthpop among others. 2023 promises to be busy for Azileli, as she is also planning to release music videos as well as do regular live performances around London with her setup of loopstations and drum machines.

“In This House” is out now


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