Proklaim Comes Roaring back with new fire banger “Runnin”

The Namibia-based rap lyricist Alexander Kiremire, better known as Proklaim, is back in a big way with his latest single, “Runnin.” It is a boom bap banger of a track. With “Runnin,” Proklaim is less laid back and stoic than in his previous two releases “Options” and “Priceless.” The track comes at you aggressively both in terms of the beat (which is fire) and vocally in terms of his style of flow.

Lyrically he spits quips and puns with an air of larger-than-life confidence. In the second verse he flexes his skill, spitting rapid fire rhymes aimed at his perceived haters, to which he dubs “fakers.” It kind of makes you wonder who or what got him going on this one! I would say out of the last three releases I covered; this would be my favorite of the sample size. However, as I feel myself compelled to do, I would recommend that you do the same and check out his previous releases, as he’s been rapping since 2006 and releasing music officially since 2018.

As we’ve touched on before at #LT1KF, Proklaim draws influence from several other well-known and respected rappers such as Nas, Tupac, and Biggie. However, as much as you’d probably expect a boom-bap, aggressive track to reflect perhaps some of his 2pac sensibilities, my first impression of his lyrical delivery and the way he flowed over the top of the beat during the verses actually reminded me more of some of his other influences he’s referenced in the past, particularly Jay Z. It’s very “F-You” but fly, in that Jiggaman kind of way.

His third single in approximately 3 months, released only 6 days into January, Proklaim demonstrates his self-described pattern of “obsessively writing.” In reference to the pace in which he writes and releases music, the artist has this to say:

You may not notice how far you’ve covered or improved at a thing during the process it’s only during occasions one slows or
pauses and looks back they shock themselves…thus don’t stop moving

Recorded across two continents, it is a collaborative offer put out by Joell Ortiz, an offer that Proklaim was happy to take him up on. Produced by Penpushaz Entertainment, the track was mixed and mastered by Wojtek Majewski.

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