Ali George “Dreams Within Dreams”

Ali George opens a window to the life of a married woman, who spends her days emotionally isolated and longing for the love that was once there. It’s not a story of abuse, instead, it’s a lonesome ballad of a woman whose husband is no longer open to her due to his own unknown troubles.

This is “Dreams Within Dreams”, the haunting, beautiful, and very sorrowful song tackling the death of love, dreams of her husband, and the memories of the love they once had.

Hailing from Britain, Ali George is a singer-songwriter making indie folk music embellished by his fingerstyle guitar playing, poetic, earthy lyricism, and dreamy soft vocals. He’s a skilled guitarist compared to the likes of Nick Drake, and he loves to experiment with the instrument, using obscure tunings as well as various effects. Similarly, the artist loves to explore the folk genre, building a unique little world for each theme he chooses.

“Dreams Within Dreams”, Ali George’s latest single, feels every bit as alone as the woman its story is based on. There’s hope and beauty in the notes that are played, and there’s insurmountable heartache, doubt, and despair in the lyrics. Those emotions twirl around us along with the stunning guitar melodies, building an atmosphere in which the listener is completely alone. You can imagine seeing the shadow of someone you still love, but who no longer replies with the same, and they’re in thick fog, unreachable. All that’s left is the ghosts of the past, too painful as they’re reminding us what’s gone and yet too endearing because they remind us what once was.

The single comes with the instrumental version of it as a B-side.

Ali George’s new single is out now on your favorite platforms, give it a listen today!

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