Sam Lynch – “Halcyon Beach”

An Indie Rock track with lots of The Cure influences. “Halcyon Beach” tells a personal story of nostalgia, carrying us towards an imaginary place where time and age become faded.


What’s going on my beautiful readers? How’ve you been?? It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have a very nice track, in fact, his debut single release of this promising singer-songwriter from Manchester. A track that’s both dreamy and nostalgic, acting as a glimpse into the past, and the pursuit of reuniting with our fondest memories. Let’s get it!

Sam Lynch is a 26 yo musician from Manchester who for 10 years only composed instrumental songs. It wasn’t until 2 years ago (after being punched in the face at work) that he gathered the courage to start writing lyrics and singing. “I guess they knocked some sense into me.”, Lynch humorously explains. Apart from his clear The Cure influences, he also finds inspiration in bands like NOFX, blink-182, and Violent Soho.

“Halcyon Beach” is Lynch’s safe place. An imaginary haven where he likes to go when feeling down, missing those cherished moments of his youth playing with his friends. A place where responsibilities and stress are a myth. The track presents an arpeggiated guitar as the main melodic focus, with a chorus effect that very much resembles the vintage tone of bands like the after mentioned: “The Cure”.

It’s about an imaginary place in my mind. I was really stuck in the past when I was writing it, thinking of times when I was happier and younger, just messing around with my mates, without responsibilities or stress and anything like that. It’s somewhere you can see, and you feel yourself being pulled towards, but you know you can never actually reach. It’s kind of moody and atmospheric and the lyrics and vibe of the instrumentals really reflect how I was feeling at the time.” – Sam Lynch

An upright beat and a groovy bass set the track’s foundation, as Sam’s magical vocals transport us to his very own wonderland. This single will act as the precursor of Lynch’s upcoming Debut EP titled “TV EP”, for which he intends to seek and get a band together to help him record and play live. It’s safe to say that his upcoming EP promises a lot, and we will wait impatiently for it to drop.

In the meanwhile, listen to “Halcyon Beach” now!

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