Dylan Goff “Untethered (Side Two) EP”

New winds, new beginnings, and a new year have arrived. I feel so tired after all those parties and festive moods that even the Christmas-flavored Basilur teas have lost their charm. All that means just one thing – time to take some time back for me and enjoy some introspective music. And this little EP that landed in my inbox the other day has turned out to be perfect. This is Dylan Goff and his new release called “Untethered (Side Two)”!


Coming as a follow-up to the Irish indie-folk artist’s first EP, “Untethered (Side Two)” is a deeply thoughtful EP that hits with beautiful instrumentation and Dylan’s deep, tender vocals. Once you’re allured by the shimmer of guitar strings, you meet poetic lyrics that speak of the glory and woes of human existence with a special kind of eloquent wisdom.

“This is my second EP, after “untethered (side one)” which was released in 2021. The backstory to both EPs is simply that I couldn’t afford to put out an album all in one go, so I recorded the songs I had been playing live in two EPs. The songs on this EP were all written since 2018. I have been writing songs all my life, but it took me until I was 35 years old to write something I was happy with, probably because I started being more patient with the song writing process.”

Dylan Goff

Home to 5 songs and with a total runtime of roughly 24 minutes, the EP is a comfort for those of us still searching for our place in life, and quite rightfully so – the release is an honest spillage of heart coming from a person still feeling lost at the age by which one would expect to have their life sorted out. Surrounded by beautiful melodies, the songs discuss toe sometimes winning, and sometimes losing battles with depression, and the struggles in finding determination even if you’re feeling terrified. The endless searches for something better, something that feels like home. The quivering ambitions that are yet to feel truly right. For those with lingering existential dread, this feels very comforting, whilst also offering a sorrowful window into the inescapable suffering side of life as a human battling with expectations.

A message from Dylan Goff for you, the readers:

“Thank you for listening and I hope you like my songs! You can expect lyric heavy, acoustic guitar-based music that is definitely indie-folk, but vocally I probably sound more like Matt Berninger or Eddie Vedder than the more folky artists of the genre, albeit with an Irish accent. Fans of Frightened Rabbit might also like my music, as they are a huge influence on me.”

“Untethered (Side Two)” is set to release on January 20th. Pre-save the release now, so you won’t forget to check it out!


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