BRIDGES’ new powerful single “Know Yourself”

Ever had friends or family claim they know you best? If they truly did know you best, why is there still a nagging thought in the back of your head when they’re trying to influence your decisions? The thought that keeps on saying “Look, stop, I know myself better”, tries to remind you of who you really are. There’s also an artist named BRIDGES, who wants to do the same with her new single “Know Yourself”.


The artist is BRIDGES, a black Japanese woman raised in the suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Working as an actress and a model, creativity flows in her blood, but her most preferred medium of self-expression is writing music. BRIDGES seeks to inspire and unite listeners through her stories about breaking through barriers and fighting against getting labeled and molded by others. The latter of which is also the base theme for “Know Yourself”.

“The five songs on my EP are meant to tell a story of a journey of self-discovery! This song is actually the third on the project and represents a major turning point where the character (and hopefully you the listener!) start to realize that the truest and realest version of you is the best version of you—no matter what anyone else says.”


“I thought it would be great to open with this song in the new year as many people are thinking about making changes and setting resolutions. It’s also my first release of the project and the sounds are a lot different than what I’ve done in the past, so I wanted to boldly come out with something different (maybe altering people’s perspective or expectations of what my music sounds like.)”


Driven by close people claiming to know you best, and the nagging feeling that they are missing the point, “Know Yourself” is a song that stands up against this and seeks to find the True Me itself. The empowering message is packaged in a tasteful pop tune that combines the nonchalantly independent nature of cloud rap production and the intimacy of bedroom pop. “Know Yourself” doesn’t go and scream about the need to be left alone, instead the song builds its power through the weighty slow singing, backed by the energizing instrumental side that let the vocals shine.

So, if you ever feel like your loved ones seem to run over you despite their best intentions, listen to this song and you’ll find that energy to put your foot down!


“You can expect a lot of great synth sounds on this project but in different contexts and uses! I’m going to span a few different genres and I think that goes well with the journey storyline. As far as the future goes, it’s hard to say as I’m still homing in on what my true sound is, and I am ever-evolving 😉 But you can FOR SURE expect feel-good, empowering lyrics and some catchy hooks!”


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