Mina´s break up new single “The One That Got Away”

The loveable Mina is naturally from Switzerland and currently is based in London, UK. She makes soulful music, inspired by early 2000s R&B such as Norah Jones and Alicia Keys, and also classics from the 1990s like Sade. Her debut single was the gorgeous “Don’t Hold On” from last October, and now she tops it off with “The One That Got Away”, a ballad inspired by her very own first breakup.

Needless to say, this is a very beautiful and vulnerable song with lyrics such as ‘one day I won’t cry after the one that got away‘. She also paints a landscape about how life goes on, singing about how birds will still fly and the sun will keep on rising every day. It’s an intense feeling, knowing that the world keeps turning regardless of the heartbreak you feel when something that once was good is no more.

Mina does an incredible job of capturing that feeling of sadness and longing, and she does it in a way that it feels fleeting. It is painful and you have every right to feel it, but it’ll pass. She knows it, and “The One That Got Away” is her way of navigating through the shadows of heartbreak while seeing the light at the end.

It’s a very powerful song, beautifully written and performed. Mina’s vocals have an old-school style to them and work very well with the production. “The One That Got Away” is once again a collaboration with UK composer Nathan Britton, showcasing how well the two work together. It is only her second single, which you would never guess considering how mature and seasoned it sounds. Thankfully, she has big plans for 2023 and more releases on the way; and I can’t wait to hear more from this girl.


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