The Daytime High – “Waterfall”

This exciting track carries a 90’s feeling with a fresh, modern twist. “Waterfall” creates a huge ambience of high-gain guitars and full-throttle drums. A wonderful Rock experience covered in high doses of emotion.

¡Out now!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and I’m very happy ’cause today’s new single is an absolute, beautiful banger. Brought to us by an up-and-coming new band from California, this track delivers a driving feel of non-stopping thrive. Let’s get it!

The Daytime High is a band created in the summer of 2022 by Micael Johansson (Vocals and Guitar), David James (Guitars, Percussion, and Backing Vocals), and Rich Buckland (Bass, Keys, Drums, and Backing Vocals). After years of knowing each other from playing in different bands, these guys decided that their musical styles belonged together. So far, they’ve only released two singles, “Reaper” and “Waterfall”, but they for sure come with full strength and with a heavy musical promise.

“Waterfall” is absolutely brilliant and highly melodic. Aggressive guitar riffs, gnarly bass, punchy drums, and deep vocals are what make this song great, only topped by its uplifting and nostalgic vibe. Walls of guitars and an explosive beat; emotive lyrics, powerful choruses and a massive sound; this track has everything you need to lose your mind in a crowd or in the comfort of your living room. Perfectly constructed, and with a sudden and impressive finale, The Daytime High’s second single is nothing but outstanding.

This song is about trying to find a sense of belonging in a world filled with alienation and fear. We have become isolated using our technology and enduring a pandemic that it feels like we have wasted the beauty of being alive. It would be a shame if you are so busy trying to survive that you forget to live, or as in the song metaphor “you never want to find a wasted waterfall in your mind”.” – TDH


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