YME – “I Rule the World”

Hailing from Venlo, Netherlands, Ymkje de Bijl has been making and releasing music under the mononym YME since 2021. The girl makes a synthpop with occasional dark undertones and an amazing melodic sense, making her music feel otherworldly and intense even at its calmest. Her latest single, “I Rule the World”, is by far the poppiest single she’s ever released so far – and it works so well!

Ymkje was diagnosed with autism at a very young age, and her songs are mostly written about the struggles and difficulties she’s experienced dealing with being on the spectrum throughout her life. But she doesn’t let anything stop her from doing what she wants to do: the best music possible, and she’s definitely doing it very well. With the help of producer Marco Roosink, she starts off her 2023 with her most positive song so far.

Her music features a wide range of experimental electronics in the most diverse and interesting ways, not unlike something we’ve already heard from Björk. This is the case even with “I Rule the World”, her most commercial song yet. It’s an absolute joy, a song that sounds light and empowering – themes not yet dealt with in her short but impressive discography. Ymkje sounds self-assured with gorgeous soaring vocals over a pop beat and Chvrches-like synths. The danceable production makes this song sound like a party anthem, something we should be hearing across all dance floors because it just makes you feel good while listening to it.

With lyrics such as ‘Gonna make my own rules, gonna make my own world‘ and ‘I rule the world, no one can stop me‘, Ymkje is definitely showing off a newfound confidence and it’s really good to see it. “I Rule the World” is a remarkable achievement, for sure.


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