Aggressive Soccer Moms exciting and unique “Darling”

This is a pretty exciting and unique track. “Darling” by Aggressive Soccer Moms is a mixture of electronica and Punk—an angry expression delivered through an upright beat.



What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today I must admit I’m out of words after listening to this single. A strangely appealing track with a minimalist construction that says a lot. Brought to us by the amazing Aggressive Soccer Moms, this single might lead you into an inner rampage against past (or even present) ghosts. Let’s get to it!

After releasing their previous single That’s How I Feel, the Lo-Fi Post Punk trio from Sweden are back in the Less Than 1000 Followers blog with a brand new song that precedes their upcoming album, “Quint”. According to them, their last single’s reactions exceeded all of their expectations, being warmly received by listeners thanks to its “Nordic melancholy vibe”.

“Darling” is built differently both in harmony and structure. A non-stopping beat with transforming elements, including synths, saxophone, guitars, and even spoken word; that aims toward a specific, non-appreciated, being. The story behind the lyrics is a mystery to me, but it doesn’t take too much imagination to try and picture it. A steady march of machine-like rhythms, enlarged by aggressive vocals and (for the first time in an ASM’s track) a guitar solo inspired by middle-eastern melodies.

Without a doubt a unique release, and one that could belong in a British Vintage Underground playlist.

Aggressive Soccer Moms


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