Aggressive Soccer Moms – “That’s How I Feel”

A Lo-Fi Post Punk track that hypnotizes with its steady beat and jazzy sax melodies. “That’s How I Feel” by Aggressive Soccer Moms creates a surreal atmosphere that seems taken out of a Danny Boyle film.


What’s going on, ladies and gentlemen? Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen and I’m really happy to be here with ya’ll once again. I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s tunes so far, and get ready for there’s plenty more coming. Today we will prepare for the drop of a new song that is really reminiscent of the 70s thanks to its classic feel. Let’s get to it!

Aggressive Soccer Moms is a band from Stockholm, Sweden created by Anders Bergström and Thomas Wahlström. Their sound is influenced by the Punk movement of the late ’70s so it is no surprise that their sound is cataloged as Lo-Fi Post Punk. What originally started as a duo has now become a trio with the addition of saxophonist Stefan Wistrand. Although their goal was to make their songs more “jazzy” and “extreme”, ASM continues as before: Monotonous and annoying. Headstrong and personal.

After the success of their previous release covered here and titled “It’s Not Love“, the group has now composed and recorded lots of songs. “That’s How I Feel” is their next single release preceding their upcoming (and seventh) album “Quint”, scheduled for release in February 2023. This track is really interesting among other things thanks to its saxophone melodies which really give the track a wonderful twist. It comes with a straightforward drum beat with a minimalistic lo-fi style, a loosen bass, and ethereal synth pads.

It actually has a vibe very similar to some songs of The Cure, especially in the vocals. Raw and uncut, the singer delivers the verses with a visceral and emotional performance. There’s actually a lot of depth to the track in spite of the lack of melodic elements, the listeners just have to really open their ears to find themselves surrounded by a certain type of ambience where time and place become displaced.

Fortunately, their upcoming album will be filled with more sax melodies, promising a really interesting approach to the beloved genre. What we should expect from their next songs I don’t know, but it is certain that this track captures and charms with its humane and visceral qualities. So go ahead and


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