This Post-Punk duo is preparing the release of their brand new album, and they’ve brought us just a taste of what it will be. “It’s Not Love” is a catchy single with a steady beat and atmospheric guitars that presents all the qualities to be a hit. Simple, dramatic, effective. OUT NOW!!!

Aggressive Soccer Moms is a duo from Sweden born in 2018. After five albums released, ASM will celebrate their fourth anniversary by releasing a sixth one. Created by Anders Bergström and Thomas Wahlström, ASM has its roots in the early punk movement of the late Seventies.

Drums, vocals, and guitars, thats pretty much everything you need to make a good track, and ASM delivers. Characterized by keeping it simple and minimalist, the duo now presents a darker and more evolved sound than their previous releases, and “It’s Not Love” is the proof of that.

The single is very straightforward: It’s just not love, man. With a steady drum beat and electric guitars providing the ambience, the track comes to life with sorrowful vocals that condemn the absence of the much needed feeling. As noted above, the single is the preview of what their next album will sound like.

We booked time to complete our album “Deviation” (released a month ago). The week before, I fell ill with Covid. I was not very ill but I was not allowed to work. So I composed about ten songs. Then my companion Thomas had to sit up at night to write the lyrics. So our booked week was used to complete “Deviation” and to record another album: This upcoming album, “All You Need”, which will be released on May 26th. The first song we recorded was “It’s Not Love”. And the dark feel and dramatic sound colored the rest of the recordings.

The total production time was only two weeks. One for composing and one for recording and mixing. The result is a more “commercial” sound than before, and the performance is tighter and more distinct. We are excited about ASM’s upcoming album and we invite you to join us in the discovery of their new songs and sound!

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