Beatdenker’s new LP “Ethic Endless Fun”

With the release of his debut LP back in 2021, the German artist Beatdenker has introduced his love for complex rhythms and taken the unconventional to the dancefloors. Since his debut, he has been honing his skills at creating the bounciest rhythmic worlds possible and mixing them with electronic dance music, steadily building up what is now the second LP “Ethic Endless Fun”.


Like the first album, “Ethic Endless Fun” is a whole new territory for music lovers searching for something different, and not just noise music different, but an alternate and refreshing vision of the concept of rhythm. Combining all sorts of different rhythmic structures together, it sounds chaotic at first, but at some point, you start to see the pattern forming from the ensemble of synth blips, multilayered drums, and the jabbing bassline. Sounds like something from outer space, like a mixtape sent through some stray radio waves by a distant civilization of grey ones. At the same time, it’s reminiscent of the infinitely layered patterns of nature.

Home to 10 songs with distinct atmospheres and embossed with funky descriptive titles, “Ethic Endless Fun” offers an eye-opening 32-minute journey away from the standard musical structures and into the unknown, letting you find your own rhythm. As the artist says, the release and Beatdenker’s work, in general, is not meant to push aside the so-called standards, rather he wants to invite people to explore more uncharted territories, have fun with different ideas and push their creativity to new heights.

The album, set to release in the new year, has 3 singles to arrive first. Each of those comes with a music video bridging the wild rhythms present in the single to equally wild and futuristic visual concepts. There is no space for shying away from moving your body in all sorts of different ways as well as wearing outfits allowing you free-roam through those sonic landscapes. So, be a vibrantly dressed person in the yard embracing the texture of trees, find joy in mad science and speedy beats, and enjoy life to the fullest!

On January 6th, “No, You Will Get an Ice Cream Today” will be released. Pre-save here and check out the video below. You might feel your legs becoming springy.

January 13th comes with the release of very science-oriented “Ok, I’ll Check The Time Machine and Some More Beats”. Pre-save here and stay tuned for the video:

And the third single, “Do I Also Need a Name Now, Haha” is set to arrive on January 20th. Pre-save here and stick around for the fun madness ensuing in its music video:

“Ethic Endless Fun”

¡Out Now!

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