Nadirah X Feat. Bosaya – “Let Love Surround You”

Last time we checked in with Nadirah X was with her highly acclaimed single, “I Got You” back in November. The awe-inspiring hip hop artist returns with a new single released only a matter of days ago titled “Let Love Surround You” on 01-23-2023. As with most of her work, it is attention-grabbing, melodically captivating, and featuring thoughtful lyricism delivered in a candid way. This time around she is joined by the singer-songwriter Bosaya who puts down a hypnotizing hook on the track. Add in a platinum award winning producer in Ned Douglas, and you have a recipe for a sure-fire banger of a tune! No lie, that’s what it is, that’s what you get, I mean, at this point trust the science.

Accompanying the song is a beautifully shot music video by Vadim Zariuta and directed by Cindy Gomez, Bosaya belting the chorus from a top of a mountain range adds to the dramatic and powerful vibe the song is projecting. Check it out!

Nadirah X is a consummate professional in a poetic artist being. She has some epic accolades to speak to including writing and performing with Annie Lennox, as well as writing and performing with Mick Jagger on a Golden Globe winning film project (2004’s “Alfie“). She’s moved out to Los Angeles after achieving several accolades in her homebase of Jamaica and continues to shine, proving time and time again that she is a unique, independent artist you are going to want to keep up with and follow. She is currently working with Charli 2na and Bishop Lamont; so exciting things are assuredly to come!

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