Nadirah X “I Got You”

The world can be really grim. Especially these days with the nonstop influx of bad news, one might start to feel lost, feeling the point of living and determination to thrive slip past their fingers. But hold on for a little longer – the glowing energy of Nadirah X and her new single is set to give you back the determination to live despite all odds. This is “I Got You“!

The Jamaican-born poet, writer and rap artist Nadirah ‘Nadz’ Seid, releasing and performing under stage name Nadirah X, creates powerful and reinvigorating music that stands up against hardships as an uncrushable force. Active in the music scene since the early 2000s, she has achieved lots – won awards, partaken in creative projects, namely “Conspiracy for Good” campaign, and signed by Dave Stewart, one half of British pop duo Eurythmics. Now based in Los Angeles, Nadirah X continues to build herself into a force, spreading her poetic messages of unity, love and light.

“My music is about love, self-love, self-examination, humanity and all the experiences that come along with being aware.”

Nadirah X

Her newest single “I Got You” is part of that plan. Featuring driving percussion and cinematic soundscapes, Nadirah’s vocals are incredibly potent and emotionally charged. Verses spitting truth and the chorus both weighty and inviting to sing along, the single carves its way through the dark and harmful, showing that the way to grow stronger is to stay close to those you care about and joining your forces. Inspiring is an understatement in here.

“I Got You started out as a poem as do most of my songs. Once I heard the track Ned Douglas sent the flow felt right and then the chorus came pretty easy. I stay very fluid when I approach a track and just allow whatever emotions to flow, flow naturally. Also, I’ve been working with Ned for many years and there is an amazing chemistry that takes place during the creation of our tracks.”

Nadirah X

The single comes along with a cinematic music video featuring the artist in sandy Californian landscapes, giving the video a bit of that western film energy. Give it a watch below!

I Got You” is out now on

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