Vince Chinaski “Eat Your Peas!”

Wash your hands! Don’t run around with a fork in your mouth! Share your toys! Enough candy for today! Stop chopping your Barbie’s clothes up with scissors! That’s just a tiny fraction of a billion commands that may come from the mouths of parents growing deranged over the constant and creative ways their children try to bend the world to their will. The determined little humans that we all once were are the foundation of humanity, but they come with a missing or, best case, warped sense of what’s good for them. In the case of today’s song, it happens to be vegetables.


Copenhagen resident, and singer-songwriter Vince Chinaski makes hearty and colorful indie rock music that speaks of life through his signature tragicomic prism. Compared to the likes of Tom Waits, Vince’s music is similarly passionate and truthful in a shell of timeless sound, and his lyrics evoke strong imagery. For instance, one of his previous singles “Opportunities” speaks of the hardships of immigrants traveling in search of a better life, and it creates the visual of an ocean.

His new song “Eat Your Peas!” paints a completely different picture. Paying homage to parenthood and all it comes with, the new tune looks into the messy mix of contradictions, feelings that walk from one side of the spectrum to another in one blink of an eye, and the desperately needed, but way too elusive quiet and peace. Underneath it, all is love, the pure, unconditional love, which shines through all the maddening mess above, just like the shimmering happy guitar melodies in the song.

The quivering vocals as well as the completely contradictory lyrics embedded in happy and loveful instrumentals clearly illustrate the mind of a parent. There’s unbelievably waterproof paint in wrong places, roughly 3 spoonfuls of peas no longer on the designated plate and the distinct aura of a frying brain in the parent’s head, but in the end all that matters is love.

“Eat Your Peas” is out


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