Vince Chinaski – “Opportunities”

Opportunities come and go during each moment of our lives. If we are brave enough to take them, they can take us to a journey that includes highs and lows, despair and tragedy, and most importantly, expectations and hope. Vince Chinaski’s upcoming single “Opportunities” reflects on what means to risk everything one has for an opportunity for a better life through his characteristic attention to detail and lushful harmonies that transmits cinematic and thought-provoking stories.

Vince Chinaski style may be described as a blend of pop-rock and folk. However, as his previous releases like “Unconditional Love” and “She Comes In Color” have demonstrated, his sound adapts and changes depending on the subject matter and emotional tone. In each one of them, Chinaski proves his ability to tell passionate stories. “Opportunities” was inspired by the hardships of migrants in the world as they travel in search of a better future. Chinaski tells a gut-wrenching story of these people, travelling by land and water, risking it all.

“Opportunities” presents a soundscape that paints a picture of the sea. Its harmonies create a sense of distance, of what is to come from the future. Over the sea of harmonies, the melody rocks upwards and downwards, as if carried by the waves: Soothing, but with a sense of danger always present underneath. The lyrics use the sea as a leitmotiv, as a literal and metaphorical journey in which we are also participants. Chinaski’s vocals accurately transmits the emotions of the song through the modulations and details he conveys with his voice. Overall, “Opportunities” is a cinematic, emotional and truthful track that will make us rethink the way we understand migration, opportunities and hope.

“Opportunities” is out


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