Vince Chinaski “Unconditional Love”

Those of you who may have happened to read the blog back in February might recognise this name. Back then this artist introduced us to his world with the folk ballad single “She Comes In Colours“. Today, the artist returns and he is ready to tell another captivating story, one that will definitely tug the heart strings of anyone living aboard and feeling misplaced. The story comes in the form of his newest single, and it’s titled “Unconditional Love“.

The soft and atmospheric folk rock song feels its way through the layered heavy emotions of being a stray person far away from home. Feelings of sadness, disappointment and lonesomeness surround the artist’s slightly hoarse voice, as do the gentle melodies introduced by the instruments. At some point, the chorus of brass instruments gains height and inspires a feeling of acceptance, and with that, “Unconditional Love” becomes a wonderful song, still full of heavy feelings, but now spiked with notes of hope, self-acceptance and the feeling that everything is going to be fine.

“I lived across three countries for a long time, juggling multiple languages and cultures and riding on a wild long-distance relationship. I was bewildered most of the time, constantly going to and coming back to a place I didn’t fully belong to. I often felt misplaced and detached, always having to catch up with something. In that period I learnt a lot about my strengths and shortcomings. Eventually I embraced the situation and eased up on trying to do the right thing all the time, essentially becoming a better man by giving up on being flawless, even if that seemed a contradiction. I think that’s the core of what the song is about: accepting your own failings and being the best self you can be.”

Vince Chinaski

Vince Chinaski is a true multinational artist, who has lived in many places in Europe through his life and gone through many phases in his artist career. Originally from Rome and now living in Copenhagen, the indie folk artist strives for authenticity. Weaving lively stories sparked with wisdom and his sweet singing voice, Vince’s music fills up even the most vacant sad minds out there.

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  1. Whoa, “Feelings of sadness, disappointment, and lonesomeness surround the artist’s slightly hoarse voice” goes deeper than the ocean.

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