micahsota – “PICTURE IN MY POCKET”

There is nothing like hanging out with friends doing nothing, right? Friends are always there for you no matter what, supporting you and calling you out on bullshit when needed, and that is exactly why true friendship is something to be cherished. On the new single from his new project, Micah Tanning aka micahsota wrote a song for his friends, and it’s lovely.

“PICTURE IN MY POCKET” is a sunny and summery electronic chill track, meant to be played amongst friends while you drink and hang out in a pool. Or also in your living room at midnight. As long as your friends are there, it works well either way! The track is the first release from Tanning in almost five years and it sounds like a new beginning for the artist: it’s the first track under the micahsota name, his first song streaming on Spotify, and the first time he’s singing on a track. “It feels good and I can’t wait to share the next one!”, Tanning says about all of this.

PICTURE IN MY POCKET is a song I wrote for my friends. It’s a sunny, chill, indie electric love song inspired by many different smiling faces.


The production was influenced by artists such as Still Woozy and Jerry Folk, and Tanning recorded and produced the song by himself in his home studio. The soft electronics he plays here set up the mood perfectly for an intimate, low-key party. The Denver-based drummer and producer has been very active in his local music scene and takes pictures of everything on an Instax camera, and the reaction from the numerous people he’s met this way was the main inspiration for this track. He very literally sings ‘I keep your picture in my pocket‘, as a way to keep those memories close to the heart. It’s a tender and heartfelt love song, an ode to friendship and to the people we meet in life under the most unique circumstances, and mostly to the people that will stay in your life for good.



“I’ve also been attending a lot of shows lately. And taking notes. And making connections. And practicing my butt off when I get home. This is the year I take over the stage. I’m currently planning my debut show as micahsota. Likely late March. You won’t want to miss it.” micahsota

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