Anam Danu “Perfect”

The search for your true self is sprinkled with doubt. Comparisons to the success of other people, who in reality hide their own troubles from the public eye, getting guided by all kinds of people, who are more or less unaware of what you really are, as well as your own intrusive questions and doubts, they all hinder a person’s ability to make peace with oneself. Perfection, the unreachable state that people always assign to others, but not themselves, is actually closer than you think. Anam Danu is here to show you in their new single called “Perfect”.

Anam Danu, the duo of Siobhan Monaghan and Andy Dawson Reid bound together by their Celtic roots and love for classic pop music, addresses all that doubt, the imperfections, and the way people always try to change you to their image in “Perfect”. From parents getting in the way with their too-high expectations, to growing older, but still not wise enough as you’re fumbling your way around in the world, “Perfect” lines out those feelings in beautifully written lyrics sung by Siobhan’s matured gentle voice.

“The song, ‘Perfect’, has its origins in an upbringing in which the virtues of perfectionism were extolled and the trait much encouraged in young people. It is only later in life that we come to realise that it is often the imperfections – the flaws – that truly make something ‘perfect’. Perfectionism can be dangerous – particularly so when the misguided believe that they can perfect others.”

Anam Danu

Making music together as Anam Danu since 2019, pianist and singer Siobhan and songwriter Andy bring forth soulful and utterly honest alternative pop. Aimed at mature audiences, Anam Danu is cinematic, intimate, and caressing almost like a loving friend, who knows you well. Home to powerful messages, they move the listeners, and in the case of “Perfect”, help to see yourself in a better light.

¡”Perfect” is out now!

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