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Emerging from a 2022 debut release “Sky Patches” last November, the singer/songwriter Nawafinity returns with a much anticipated new single titled “Breath of Life,” scheduled to be released January 31st. If “Sky Patches” is any kind of precursor to what to expect with this next single, you can assuredly expect it to be soulful, introspective, and “vibey.” Hailing from Saudi Arabia and born in Riyadh City, Nawafinity is emersed in what has been described as a flourishing music scene in that area for Soul music. His music is indeed soulful, yet modern sounding with beats primed for hi-fi streaming.


I did get the chance to hear the single in advance and it does not disappoint. Nawafinity’s vocal performance is captivating and slick, calling to mind influences he’s directly cited such as Sam Cooke, Etta James, and Aretha Franklin. I would take it a step further and say that between this latest single and his debut, the modern approach he offers is reminiscent to me of Nino Moschella & Shaw Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra vibes.

Breathe of life came at a time where my I had it with my Clinical Depression. It had crippled my life at various moments of my life, and it had continued to do so until August 2022, where I had to fight back, review my life and honor this battle! And Breathe. Nawafinity

One of the things I appreciate most about this artist is his outlook and perspective on artistic creation. He isn’t driven by a desire for stardom or these types of superficial things. He’s expressed that his “why” is to establish deep connections and be an agent for positive change. Which as you are listening to his music, you certainly pick up on a sense of that spirituality in his performance.

The intension is to heal as many listeners as I can and inspire as much as I can.

In terms of subject matter specifically on “Breath of Life,” Nawainfinity touches lyrically on the ups and downs involved with battling clinical depression, reminding the listener (in first and second person, a personalization to the lyricism) to “Breathe through my Mondays,” “Breathe, under your shackles,” and “Breathe, even when it’s heavy.” He resolves lyrically in the second verse ending on a positive note, overcoming the “battle,” as he puts it, against a crippling depression.

This song is a testimony to never give up! Never stop and always push for life!

To my dearest listeners and first-timers. This is your brother, lover and fighter Nawaf. I hope this song heals you and inspire you to be better. I weaved this song from my pains, sorrows, laughter and joy. I cried and laughed whilst recording this message. I hope you feel the same feelings I am experiencing. I make music to inspire, heal, mend and nothing else. Cheers and God bless.

Musically, I found his use of Tabla instruments in his production very interesting. An imprint of Arabic culture, it is another thing that makes his brand of soul distinct and unique. It blends so well and sounds so good with soul music. I am such a big fan of Motown and I can hear elements of that throughout as well. Only recently debuting a couple months ago with his first single, and now this one coming out at the end of the month, it will be interesting to keep up with Nawafinity’s work and watch where it all goes, as it unfolds. He’s stated that there are stream of new releases and performances expected for the coming years!

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