Darcy McMann is “In the Spirit”

Spiritual-Dream-Pop Indie artist Darcy McMann is back on the musical radar with a brand new single titled “In the Spirit,” released only a matter of days ago. This release marks the second in his current catalog since his debut single which we also covered titled “All In,” back in December of last year. As per usual, in what is becoming the signature of his sound, he uses lyricism to profess his enlightenment and hope centered around his Christian faith. Attention Bandcampers, it is also available on Bandcamp!

Musically, I am hearing just as advertised in the “dream pop” department. Melancholic vocals over a synthesized bass line give it that Indie (not only as in “independent” but indie as in the stylistic genre) vibe. In that respect musically, I hear similarities to a Death Cab for Cutie and Ben Folds Five type of sound. Lyrically, completely different, but musically reminiscent. Lyrically, McMann unapologetically delivers a message of gospel that is undeniably coming from a place he feels strongly about. He offers “whoever has ears to hear, let them hear” as if compelled to speak what he feels is true in his heart to whomever is willing to listen. Indeed he encourages his listeners to be “in the spirit” to experience the full potential of what could be according to his faith. His music is a good recommendation for those of Christian faith looking for that “hipster” vibe to jam to.

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