Tom Craven hopeful new single “Let It Fall (My December)”

Tom Craven, the artist this blog post is about, comes to remind us of the hope and happiness of winning these battles with his new recharging single “Let It Fall (My December)”. Life has multiple ways to bring us down, be it relationships falling apart, backstabbing friends, or news seeding uncertainty. But while there are lots to make you feel depressed, it’s worth remembering the feeling of optimism and powering hope that comes when you overcome hardships.


Anthemic and filled to the brim with optimism, this song also holds an air of bittersweet feelings left from the part struggles. Still, “Let It Fall (My December)” marches on victoriously and with unbreakable determination in search of a better tomorrow free from the influences of negative people. Celebratory synth solos and warm chords spark up this rock-pop banger, along with Tom Craven’s diary-like lyrics describing his journey through the past few years that had ended up pretty hectic.

This single, besides bringing forth a dose of energy and hope for a better life, is also the lead single from Tom Craven’s anticipated second studio album. Titled “Make Yourself Known”, this release aims to take the listeners on a “true journey”, according to the artist, and with the strong message its lead song carries, there’s no doubt this British singer-songwriter has lots of great music and more empowering messages to share.

“Let It Fall (My December)” is out.


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