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Hey, what’s going on my dear music lovers, I hope you’re having a great weekend, enjoy it! This is your 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To Week 05, and I want to let you know that I added on top of the website the “Album Of The Week” that this week is for Slim Loris and their brand-new released work titled “Red Loris Yellow Loris” and is going to be there the whole week so you can see it and if you want to support them order from their Bandcamp account, you’re only a few click away from do it.

Mattias Slim Loris singer-songwriter shares with us the backstory for this release:

“We had to take a year-long break as a band due to family and health situations. I (Mattias) was left to my own accord but was given the blessing by the rest of the band to do a Slim Loris album as I saw fit. So I teamed up with our long-time producer Pecka Hammarstedt and together we played around with ideas that ended up being as ‘Red Loris Yellow Loris’ “

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1.- Slim LorisRed Loris Yellow Loris” marks a new direction for the band, experimenting with new genres and sounds based on 60’s pop and 90’s indie rock, alongside a touch of Americana, offering an emotional and personal album with a bold proposal and a unique sound that will make you want to push replay. You can read our review here.

2.-Yet another amazing and outstanding release by the French collective DAMde8 and Canadian artist Major Kami. Now with the mind-blowing collaboration of one of England’s most legendary singers: SJ Hawley. “Wild Bo…” is a three-track EP of Bowie-inspired songs dedicated to the late artist.

3.- Andreas Ahlenius aka DAS ELITE share with us the backstory for Landslide: “After a very long drive in bad weather i got home in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep, so i opened all the windows to the storm and wanted to write a moody bonus track to the single “Torment”…and suddenly i had Landslide more or less written. So i instantly started to record what was to become that song – Landslide. Windows open, storm, rain and traffic outside are actually on the vocal tracks, it’s lika an ambience to the first half of the song which makes it sound a bit noisy or retro…but i kept it like that. Our review coming soon…

4.- Clarie BradshawEphemera” builds on the eclectic styles and witty lyrics of her debut album ‘Stories That Never Happened’, this time with a guitar-driven edge. The 15-track album also includes two tracks co-written with, and featuring DIY recording legend R. Stevie Moore.

5.- The Dust CollectorsFiltered Gems” makes an energetic start with EP’s boot-stomping sea-shanty-inspired lead single “Take A Dive”. The band takes a darker turn on the outlaw country ballad “Murder, I Wrote” – a straightforward story of “boy meets girl, girl leaves boy, boy buries girl in the back forty.” “Dandelion” shows a more sentimental side, with the heartache of wasted love, fit with a soulful violin solo. “Better Times” brings a hopeful hue to the EP, with a robust build of expansive drums and soaring four-part harmonies singing, “All around you it shines, leading me and you to better times”.

6.- Wielding its multifaceted influences like a Swiss army knife, The Ivies debut EP “Reflections” is ‘more prog than most psych bands, more psych than most prog bands’ – cementing them as unique in their musical execution. Crescendoing into existence, the trio humbly show off their skills as writers, with intricate guitar work and melodies. The band explores more sonic possibilities than ever before while the songs stay, at their core, genuinely great. Tracked over four days at Liverpool’s Material Studios, the record sets elements of Shakespeare and Dostoevsky to progressive yet funky instrumentation, culminating in an apocalyptic finish, after tales of helplessness, jealousy and anxiety.

The EP’s cover art is representative of the four tracks on it; each track a different feel and story, all tied together by a flavour that is becoming synonymous with The Ivies’ sound.

7.- Elliot Szabo in his own words talking about his brand-new album “Brave”: “I began work on this record shortly after an attempted suicide while living in Las Vegas. Struggling with depression at the time, each track represents a personal journey with who I was before and who I would decide to be after. No song represents this better than the titular track “Brave”, while tracks such as “Holding on to You” and “Bring me Home” offer a brighter outlook.”

8.- A Reason To TravelConcrete Sunrise” The album loosely continues the story of its predecessor Kingdom and shines its light onto the remnants of a once-great city that fell victim to the turmoils of war. Enter the wastes of deserted buildings, ruins, and lifeless streets and explore them once more or maybe forever to the backdrop of rich ambient, drone, and post-rock sounds and textures.

9.- In his own words “Balk started as a fun little recording project of mine awhile back. The first 3 albums were recorded in my apartment and friends’ house by Jason Loewenstein of Sebadoh. He also played drums while I played guitars, bass, etc. Soon after I recruited a bunch of friends to play and we played roughly 25 shows in Brooklyn over a couple of years. After a long hiatus I’ve recorded “Bulk” which is the first album to be released on vinyl.”

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round-up:

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