Natalie Clark – “How High”

Scottish-born Natalie Clark has everything going on for her right now. Currently based in Los Angeles, the artist impressed the world with a performance on NBC’s The Voice and even got a spot opening for the Indigo Girls! Yay! She’s also already been releasing her own music since 2014 and getting even better at it with each new one.


“How High”, her latest, is a lovely indie-pop track that showcases all of her vocal power, featuring layer upon layer of detail and nuance in its production that is simply beautiful to hear. It’s a bubbly and uplifting song, self-empowering and an absolute joyride. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Todd Spadafore, “How High” consolidate Clark as a songwriter for the ages. Taking inspiration from the most diverse spheres within indie pop and mainstream music, on her new song Clark sounds as self-assured as ever; she’s been doing this for a while, she’s good at it, and she knows it. That confidence transpires through the track and seeps through your skin.

Under three minutes long, “How High” is the rare kind of ‘feel good’ song that doesn’t feel empty in its emotion. It’s packed with it, from the ‘how high do you wanna go?‘ chorus to the ‘you know the sky is the limit, you can do whatever you want; just begin it‘ verses. It’s truly and actually an inspirational track, it puts a smile on your face and makes you want to listen to it on repeat. The beautiful and talented Natalie Clark has outdone herself with this one, and I can’t wait to hear what comes next.



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