Joel Rivendell – “Melbourne”

Nostalgia and hopefulness are hard and powerful feelings in any context. When talking about one’s own hometown, it can get even more powerful – and beautiful. Those are the feelings behind “Melbourne”, an excellent single from Australian singer-songwriter Joel Rivendell.

For the last ten years, Joel has been writing and releasing singles from time to time as a hobby – but he’s actually been playing music for over three decades. And, of course, he’s really good at it. “Melbourne” has a timeless indie-folk quality to it, like something we could’ve heard in one of Bright Eyes’s records like The People’s Key or even Fevers and Mirrors. It sounds excellent and familiar, like greeting an old friend you actually keep in touch with and see every so often. “Melbourne” stands out as one of Joel’s best songs because of its production: it has everything in it and it works.

The track features an amicable guitar riff laced with rich details such as a flute line that comes alongside pianos and synths that seem to swagger down the street as if holding hands. The lyrics feel like an ode to Melbourne as much as they are a plea for the city to not change – at least not for the worse. A pop drumbeat and velvet vocals tie everything together in a song that is so enjoyable that it feels too short. Joel has proven himself a mastermind in the craft of perfecting the single format, and “Melbourne” is like the cherry on top of a very remarkable and impressive sundae.


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