Hannah Flora a fierce new single “Hate Sex”

Attracted and dependent. Longing for love, but hating the person. The love that’s burning so hot is giving 3rd-degree burns. That intoxicating relationship has gone so far that the pain is no longer numbed. The result is “Hate Sex” by Hannah Flora, a roaring and passionate song of a scorned lovesick woman, grown tired of trying so hard yet getting nothing but the pain in return.

Coming as the newest single from the Nashville-based artist Hannah Flora, “Hate Sex” is a fierce tantrum going hard at the toxic, irreparable romantic relationship that had peeled her up and left behind sore and aching bruises. Raw and honest lyrics, emotional vocals, and a haunting atmosphere drenched in despair meet with guitars building immediacy, and a hitting percussion. Set to release all that’s been building up inside, the single drives further into intensity, with the climax incorporating shrieks, and they’re kind that speak of pain and despair felt inside without needing any words.

Describing herself quite fittingly as “southern gothic” on her Bandcamp, Hannah Flora’s discography incorporates plenty of droning rock guitars, tear-drenched ballads, and stories of dysfunctional love, addictions, longing, and more put into poetic and deeply personal lyrics. Handling matters as delicate and tender is quite difficult, but Hannah Flora manages to do that eloquently, leaving a lasting impression as a witchy rock artist unraveling the terrorizing side of love.

“Hate Sex” is out NOW!!!

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