Onbar – “Chance (feat. Orion Song)”

American songwriter Onbar is back with a beautiful new single, following the excellent “GOOD” from last August. This time around, Onbar collaborated with singer Orion Song and producer Patrick Hizon and the trio came up with “Chance”, to be released in early February. “Chance” is a lovely ballad, heavily influenced by early 2000s RnB and hip hop.


“Chance” is about the feeling of falling in love again after being hurt in the past. It’s a very vulnerable tune, layered with hope and optimism but also caution. ‘If I go all in, tell me what you’re gonna do‘, he sings in an incredibly emotional bridge before the last chorus. ‘I’mma take a chance with you‘, he concludes. You can sense the conflicted feelings of opening up again while trying to go slow and avoid heartbreak – and by the end, he feels ready to take this step and go for it. It’s a complex and compelling narrative, and it shows great songwriting skills.

Onbar is definitely on an amazing roll of great singles ever since his 2020 debut with “MANIAC“, showing expressive growth as a singer and songwriter in a very short period of time. The boy also isn’t afraid to try new things, constantly challenging himself with interesting production choices while always staying true to his RnB roots and style. Onbar is striving for pop perfection and gets closer and closer with each new single.


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